November 11, 2010

Introduction Post

Where I drop a few lines just to let you know what's what over here.

My other blog, The Blue Vial, has operated for a little while now as a kind of film journal, where I've been able to write about and/or (as has been more the case lately) post images from movies that I love, or just anything cinema-related in general that's made a strong (for better or worse) impression on me. I have also at times on that blog admitted my love of anything anthology related - whether it be in the form of horror/mystery/sci-fi/drama television or poetry/short story books or even (obviously) movies.

But yeah, the first thing, the tv shows, is really what I am into the most. While the cinema has always been a great passion for me, since I was quite young I've also always been drawn to the anthology format on television, specifically the darker, more horror and mystery related fare, and have loved watching and collecting everything from old episodes of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits and Alfred Hitchcock Presents to Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Tales from the Crypt, and even the more obscure anthology shows that have slipped under the radar of most, stuff like HBO's The Hitchhiker and Perversions of Science, and ABC's Gun. Seeing as how it seems that whenever I'm not watching a movie in my spare time I'm always throwing in some random anthology episode, the idea for this blog popped into my head, and what I hope to do here at Planely Possible is really pretty simple: to just post some thoughts on the random episodes from various anthology television shows that I watch. There will likely be no method to the madness, as I pretty much generally watch whatever strikes me at the moment, whether it be a new episode of something I've never seen before, or a favorite I've seen many times. So I won't be doing any projects like methodically making my way through entire seasons of any given show (at least that's not on the horizon), but rather just simply documenting some of the various episodes of these shows I happen to watch, meaning posting a few screenshots, writing a paragraph or two, and assigning a grade (standard F - A+ grading) to each episode.

I have no way of knowing how frequently I'll be updating over here; I would like to think that I could manage at least a few posts a week, but I guess we'll see. I will say this: if the idea of this blog appeals to you, then stick around for at least a little bit. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy posting about these episodes, and would love it if eventually some discussion ensued with other fans of these shows. You can also probably expect for me to at times occasionally cover book or movie-related items. Every so often I will come across a short story or something that I love, in which case I will maybe post about it here. Ditto for movies of that same nature.

Oh yeah, and in case anyone is wondering, both the name of this blog and the banner image comes from one of my very favorite anthology episodes of all time - Planely Possible from HBO's short-lived but outrageously out-there and enjoyable Perversions of Science. I've just posted an entry on this episode over at The Blue Vial as a part of my "Five From A Favorite" series, which I will be cross-posting over here as the first official "review" or "capsule", or whatever the hell you want to call it, and this should give you roughly a good idea of the kind of content you can expect here.


Sam Juliano said...

Best wishes with your new blog Drew! I am certainly a huge fan of many of the shows you broach here, and would like to let you know of a blog that will be covering THE OUTER LIMITS beginning on January 1st that will feature among its luminaries, David J. Schow, who penned THE OUTER LIMITS COOMPANION!

Anyway this new blog is reason for excitement!

Drew said...

Thanks so much Sam! I think it's going to be fairly laid back over here - I doubt I'll match the 'few times a week' itinerary I laid out - but as I said, I do love these shows, and will enjoy writing a few words about the episodes I do watch.

That's really awesome about The Outer Limits blog, that's easily out of every show I mentioned the one I've seen the least of, having watched a bunch on VHS with my Dad when I was younger but not really returned back to it since I've gotten a little older. I'll definitely keep an eye out, thanks for the heads up.